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A Covver Magazine is the new home for the story of your journey and the perfect hub for all personalized media.

Say a little more... 

Covver’s magazine format allows for a comprehensive flow of your narrative by seamlessly integrating text, images, audio and video content. Thus providing an engaging experience that will capture the full essence of your story.

Personalized Media Hub

A Covver magazine can contain all your social media platforms, images, videos, and audio, making it convenient for your friends, family and fans to stay connected. 

Convert -
Followers to Fans to Superfans

Cultivating deeper engagement, loyalty, and advocacy as you share an immersive personal experience.


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Design from scratch or customize one of our many templates



Insert video or audio players and social media platforms. Create your own media playlist. 

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Email will be sent from Covver to all the selected contacts, you can also downlad the HTML email file for use with all email marketing platform. 

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Create video promo of your magazines, download and share on your social media:

A Covver Magazine, 

The Better Newsletter


Do you send this types of emails to your database:

Hot this month newsletter!

Dear Fan,

Hope all is well

thank you for your continued support, I hope this monthly newsletter finds you well.

We have some very excited things and events happening please take the time to click on my 10 media platforms and my social media links for all the latest and greatest.

  • Limited Visual Appeal: Text-heavy format lacks visual engagement.
  • Static Content: Offers less interactive experience for readers.
  • Inbox Overload: Competes with other newsletters in cluttered inboxes.
  • Branding Limitations: Minimal customization options for brand representation.


A Covver magazine is dynamic and interactive:

  • Engaging Visuals: Captivates with visually rich layouts and multimedia.
  • Interactive Experience: Enhances engagement with clickable content and multimedia.
  • Distinctive Branding: Customizable for unique brand representation.
  • Shareability and Accessibility: Easily shareable across platforms for wider reach.


Single Magazine:


  • Behind-the-scenes stories of making the music 
  • Liner notes and insights
  • Song Inspiration
  • Song lyrics
  • Exclusive and behind the scenes photos 
  • Direct links to music players
  • Music Video and treatment

Presenting all the above information in a dynamic Covver Magazine will increase your chances of converting follower to fans.



Bio Mags: 

Share your personal journey and achievements authentically, take your story beyond wikipedia. 

Press Releases:

Send directly from Covver a press release as a beautiful magazine or vertical clickthrough layout or download an HTML file for use with all email marketing platform. 


Celebrate your favorite artists by creating a fanzine with the collection of all their material available online.

Embed in your Website

Embed your entire magazine stand directly into your website, effortlessly blending your content with your online presence.

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Unified Brand Identity
  • Increased Engagement
  • Extended Reach
  • Improved SEO
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