I've always believed artists should control their narrative. My wish is for all artists to feel completely comfortable sharing their journey and lifestyle with their fans, in an open and authentic way. I admired how Oprah utilized her O Magazine platform, and I wanted this for my artists. Magazines are one of the most universally accepted forms of media, most artists would love to be on the cover or featured in a magazine, with all this in mind Covver was created. Covver makes it easy for artists to create and publish their own magazine, all in one platform. Free to read, free to create. Fans can now anticipate magazines from their favorite artist as often as the artist chooses to publish. While artist creative and communication freedom served as the leading motivator for creating Covver, I'm excited for this platform to be utilized by everyone in every industry. Additionally, Covver will be a new meaningful source of revenue for artists and creators. Covver is for everyone, a new go-to source of information, a home for all personalized media and centralized communication. Everyone can now create their own Covver story.

Chris Smith