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In a world filled with micro-content and bite-sized messaging, Covver is a platform where creators can become the leading editor of their own magazine and share their full story. 


Explore magazines from your favourite creators, friends and family


Bring your own magazine to life with Covver’s intuitive in-platform builders.


Share your creations on the Covver magazine stand for readers to explore, or just share with your audience 


Explore and Create

Magazine Stand

Share your magazines and explore content from other creators on Covver’s magazine stand, or keep your creation private to share only with select readers.


The Builder allows you to create without limitation and bring your unique vision to life. Build from a blank canvas or choose from a variety of customizable templates.

Earn with Covver

Covver’s technology will continue the tradition of placing tastefully curated advertisements in magazines that will be an added value to readers interest without interrupting the reading experience. Covver will share ad revenue with creators. Creators will also have the option to sell their magazines.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an account to read magazines?

No account is needed to read an explore as many titles as you like! To interact, save or create your own magazine you will require your Covver account.

Are there subscription fees to create magazines?

"Free to read, free to create! No subscription fees required to create and publish your own magazines on Covver. The Covver For Business account option allows you to remove ads from your magazines for a monthly fee."

Can my magazines be private?

Yes you can set the settings of your magazine to be Private or Unlisted. Private will allow you to grant specific users viewing access, and Unlisted will allow only those with the URL to discover your magazine.

Can magazines be embedded to a website?

Yes there are a number of great ways to share your magazine with readers, including embedding to a website. Watch the "How To" video to find out how.


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